The War Against The Unborn…..

By Jim Coles, director LifeLine Crisis Pregnancy Center CPC)

Like many of you I have prayed and hoped that 2 Chronicles 7:14 would become a living reality in our nation as the Lord says, “If My people who are called by My name  will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

I was overcome with emotion when I read the following account in a book entitled, “Their Blood Cries Out” by Troy Newman of the infamous Andrea Yates case:  “The Yates family lived in a modest home nestled in a suburban neighborhood of Houston, Texas.  ‘Nice folks’ was a term used by many in the community to describe the growing family.  The birth of Mary brought the Yates’ total to five children with little Mary being the only girl in a family full of brothers.  Noah was (7), John (5), Paul (3), and little Luke was (2).  Mary was nearly six months old and was her daddy’s little princess.  The children loved to spend the summer days swimming in a neighbor’s pool.  By all outward appearances, the family was happy, content, and well-liked.  Yet one afternoon Andrea Yates systematically took each of her five babies and drowned them in the family bathtub.  As Mrs. Yates carried Mary’s lifeless little body from the bathroom, Noah sensed that something was wrong.  He inquired of his mommy about his little sister.  Andrea simply placed the little girl in her bed and grasped for the oldest of the boys.  Escaping her grip, Noah ran through the house in terror.  The arms that once cuddled him, the tender hands that once spoon-fed him were now murdering him.  Once Noah had been caught and killed Andrea made certain that the three remaining babies met the same fate.  America could never completely rationalize a tragedy like this one.”

Part of the horror that gripped me was visualizing Mrs. Yates chasing her 7-year-old son around the house in order to kill him.  I couldn’t help but feel the sense of confusion and fear Noah must have felt as the one who once loved him and cared for him was now chasing him down in order to murder him.

I believe even the most adamant pro-abortion advocate would have done everything possible to rescue those helpless children had they physically been in that home during that horrific scene.  Each one of those precious children were at a huge disadvantage in trying to defend themselves due to their mother’s size and strength.

The reason I believe people argue about HUMAN PERSONHOOD and whether it begins at conception, is because some people want to justify abortion.  Abortion is a clear-cut evil!  The fact that tiny human beings cannot fight back doesn’t change the fact that they are completely human and that every baby has been created in the image of God!

So, if preborn babies are not capable of defending themselves, who should be protecting them?  In Psalm 82:3-4 we read, “Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to  the afflicted and needy.  Deliver the poor and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked.

It’s quite simple to prove the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion.  God’s perspective in regards to the value of every human life (even prior to conception) is replete throughout Scripture.  So, if it is clear that babies growing inside of their mother’s womb are equal (from God’s point of view) to Noah age 7, John age 5, Paul age 3, Luke age 2, and little Mary age six months, why aren’t we (not even so much as a nation but as the body of Christ) outraged over the thousands of senseless murders that take place daily in our land?

The National Abortion Rights and Reproductive Action League (NARAL) has put together a “Step-by-Step Guide to Unmasking Fake Clinics.”  The following is taken from their publication on how to close down crisis pregnancy centers:  “Women who have comprehensive and reliable information about all of their reproductive options are better able to make informed and appropriate decisions about their reproductive health.  A fundamental principle of the pro-choice movement is to ensure that women have the information they need to make their own reproductive health decisions and the freedom to choose what decision is best for them.  That is, we are pro-choice, not pro-abortion.  Crisis pregnancy centers – the “provider” arm of the anti-choice movement – lure women to their facilities under false pretenses, deprive them of accurate information needed to make a fully informed choice, and use fear tactics to dissuade them from choosing legal abortion.  They are anti-abortion and anti-choice.  These fake clinics engage in a range of deceptive practices to attract women with unintended pregnancies who may be considering abortion, including using misleading advertising, responding to telephone inquiries with evasions and lies, and choosing names and locations similar to abortion clinics to hide their true agenda.  Once inside the CPC, women are subjected to anti-abortion propaganda, misinformation, and intimidation aimed at preventing them from making their own decisions about their pregnancy.

It’s truly a tragedy that none of us could have intervened to help save the lives of the Yates children.  It is too late to act on behalf of each one of those precious and innocent babies.  Our comfort comes in knowing that each one of them is now in the loving arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

However, it’s not too late to intervene on behalf of preborn babies scheduled to be executed mercilessly in our own neighborhoods!  The question is do we care enough to do whatever it takes to save the lives of these babies?

The fact that NARAL has mounted this comprehensive campaign to undermine the work of Christ-centered crisis pregnancy centers is proof positive that we are on the right track.  They wouldn’t be so concerned about us if we weren’t taking business away from them as we rescue at-risk children by offering real and tangible alternatives to abortion-minded young women.

I remain hopeful that we (the present day church) who are called by His Name, will humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, and that He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land.  Christians are the only ones who can call upon Him to forgive our sin and heal our land.

I’ve posed a number questions throughout this article but now I’d like to lay out some specific ways in which each one of us can help to save the lives of innocent babies.

It’s highly likely that in whatever town you live in there is a crisis pregnancy center in your town or in close proximity.  CPCs are truly on the “front lines” of the war against the unborn and most of our centers are operated by volunteers and with very limited budgets.  If you don’t feel called of the Lord to be a counselor, please find out in what way(s) you could best aid your local center.

Killing babies is a very lucrative industry, whereas, trying to save babies from being aborted can be very costly.  It’s my opinion that Christ-centered crisis pregnancy centers should be “professionally” operated with full-time missionaries to the unborn.  Individuals that are called of the Lord to step out of their careers in order to best represent their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as they reach out to hurting young women facing  abortion decisions.

The reality is that the vast majority of women currently going through with their abortions truly don’t want to do so; they feel as if they have no other choice.  Our experience is that when you offer an abortion-minded person the practical assistance she needs in order to continue her pregnancy, she becomes terribly relieved and thankful that there’s someone there to help.

Within the body of Christ we have the resources necessary to stem the tide and save the lives of countless babies each year by simply “BEING THERE” for frightened young women at that crucial time of choice!  If Christian churches collectively as well as Christians individually would place the safety of preborn babies higher on their priority lists by supporting local crisis pregnancy centers, we could put the Planned Parenthoods and other abortionists out of business.

My plan of action is to enhance our current operation here on the central coast of California and be able to point to what the Lord is doing here as a way of modeling to other Christ-centered outreaches across the country.

One of our more immediate needs is for a number of families to host what we call “shepherding homes” for pregnant teens that need a place to live in order to continue their pregnancy.  We currently have an adult maternity home but when the need arises we need separate accommodations for those under the age of 18.

I have been blessed to oversee the ministry here at LifeLine for the past 6 years and, by faith, I look forward to the time when I can better represent this life-saving outreach in the Lord’s perfect timing.

Please contact me with any questions, suggestions, criticisms, or words of encouragement @ (805) 481-4987, e-mail, or write to us at:
LifeLine CPC
1447 Grand Ave.
Grover Beach, CA  93433.

May the Lord truly direct our paths as we seek His purposes in spreading the truth!

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